IMI STS TIRE SEAL 16 OZ BOTTLE~ Item Number: 281STS-CS24-16

MSDS Sheet
IMI STS Tire Sealant (16 oz bottle) is manufactured specifically for tires with higher RPMs, including over-the-road applications for vehicles over 18,000 pounds gross vehicle weight (such as waste hauling). This formulation of tire sealant is also manufactured to perform well in small tires running at higher revolutions per minute (lawn maintenance equipment, ATVs, golf carts, bicycles, trailers, etc). STS Sealant features include maintained air pressure, less downtime, lower service costs, rust prevention for wheels and rims, puncture sealing of up to 1/4", and dry rot and cracking prevention. Lasts for the life of the tire.

To see the STS Tire Sealant Application and Quantity Chart, please CLICK HERE.